Thank you very much for being patient with us. We hope this message finds you well.

We have now received an invitation from the school to return. However, only weekend bookings are available. Therefore, our Wednesday sessions will remain paused until further notice. BADMINTON England also has an updated guidance which states that doubles play can now take place in groups of people from different households (subject to the appropriate risk assessments being carried out by clubs).

If we are in a position to return, we will ensure that risk assessments are in place, sanitisation stations are available, the numbers are controlled and distancing procedures will be in place during session changeovers. In order to ensure the most rigorous measures are in place, we are unlikely to be able to return in September.

To help us decide if we can return and how we can return, please email your replies to the following questions:

1. What is your preference, assuming we can return at the end of September, possibly October (please indicate):
( ) Return to Albury when the appropriate measures are in place.
( ) Not yet ready to return to Albury.
( ) No longer able to return to Albury.

2. Any other comments:


Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

Albury Junior Badminton