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Updated: 9th October 2020

Badminton is unaffected by the change in Government guidance

Following the Government announcement on 22nd September, BADMINTON England confirmed that their Return to Play status is unaffected by the change in guidance. BADMINTON England provided the following statement:

“The government has clarified that the changes in guidance are aimed at indoor adult team sports. As an individual sport, even when playing doubles, badminton does not fall into this category and therefore play can continue in groups of six, as long as current guidance is followed.

This also means that there are no changes to junior activity, and club and league groups may continue to play as per the Phase 3 Roadmap. Coaching ratios are also unaffected; as before, players being coached must remain in their groups of 6 for the duration of sessions. We are also pleased to be able to confirm that coach education courses can continue with appropriate social distancing. We will shortly publish an update on how tournament formats will need to be amended to allow for safe play.

All of our guidance has been approved against the strict Government standards for returning to play. Now more than ever, it is imperative that the guidance we have published is strictly followed to keep our sport open.”